BIDDERS! Welcome to NewlyMine!

Apr 1 2021
 “Necessity is the Mother of Invention” is a popular proverb.

Welcome BIDDERS to our new, innovative online experience that is NEWLYMINE!

This web site came about due to a need. This one of a kind, new approach to selling items is the innovative INVENTION to satisfy a NEED!

need to provide a method to sell a large number of items from a home that had just been drastically downsized.

Have a special interest or hobby? Newlymine will connect you with items being sold right now in your community!

No need to leave the comfort of your home to cruise the garage sale circuit or trudge through thrift stores!

You may be a “reseller” that makes a bit of extra money buying items and reselling to your group of followers.

Many people are encountering the next chapter of their life and require a way to downsize their possessions so they can move to smaller housing. What do they do with all the stuff they no longer need?

Hundreds of people are planning to downsize this year and have many items they are ready to part with. 

There are estate clear out professionals seeking a method to place their client`s items into the hands of people that want them. They often need to liquidate many items quickly in order to clear out a home and prepare it for sale.

We also know that many of our bidders are proud to stop items from going to overflowing landfills. Let’s help the environment and Recycle and Reuse gently used furniture and household items.

Some of our bidders may have joined us from our sister company www.ibid4storge.com,  the wildly successful online “storage wars” platform!

Welcome! You will notice some similarities.

While bidding on seized storage units creates a rush of excitement about what the unit may hold for the winner, we also know that sometimes our storage bid winners can be disappointed.   While rewards do occur when treasures are revealed and the bid price is easily recouped, sometimes the opposite happens.

The bidder may find the storage unit has broken and dirty items that require time and cost to dispose of. Sometimes boxes are empty or things partially visible in the photos are not what was hoped.

NewlyMine takes away this risk. Every effort is made to only present items for sale that are clean and in working order. Due to time constraints when building a sale, each lot may not be vetted, but rest assured the items are in a home where they were either in active use or kept to be used. Sellers make every effort to remove broken and damaged items and ensure they are not listed.

Heck, you may find some cool things to add to your collection!

Taking them into your home and declaring them NEWLYMINE!










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