Get Ready for Spring with Exciting New Auctions

Apr 8 2019

History of Garage Sales, Yard sales - also known as Rummage Sales

In 1950s and 1960s America, increased affluence led many consumers to accumulate household goods in excess; concurrently, increased home-ownership created the venue from which to sell these goods. Suburbia became the fertile breeding grounds of garage sales, where unwanted items found new homes at the hands of housewives. A postmodern adaptation of the mid-nineteenth-century charitable fair or bazaar, the garage sale tapped a national romanticism toward history and nostalgia for used goods. Prior to 1970, goods featured at charity fairs or rummage sales became less extraordinary and more practical; while a nineteenth-century fair may have featured a booth with souvenirs and curiosities alongside a booth with historic relics, garage sales more typically featured furniture, used clothing, and appliances. Americana and collectibles, more popular in the 1960s than at any time since the nationalistic 1920s, became specialty items among the used home goods.

What`s in it for YOU, the Garage Sale Affectionatio?
Not so long ago, just as sure as dandelions popped their sunny heads out of the spring ground,  garage sale signs also started to appear on every community corner. The avid deal seeker would note the local addresses and even grab a Saturday newspaper to hit the ground running in search of bargain items.

Change is constant in life. Soon, we will look back fondly of those innocent days. Before COVID. Before the fear of having strangers on your property. 

NewlyMine is the change. Sellers have a safe, efficient way to present their items for sale. Bidders can shop by accessing an easy to use web site anywhere.

You can view a multitude of choices and bid on what interests you. You bid as high as you want, and may even be pleasantly surprised if the item goes lower than your top price!

No more uncomfortable haggling! Highest bidder wins the item!

Now, instead of wasting time driving from garage sale to garage sale to potentially come away empty handed, your weekend can be planned around going directly to the address of the home, paying for the items you won, loading up and getting on with your day!

How efficient is that?

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