How to become a successful BIDDER!

Jun 14 2016
How to become a successful BIDDER!

Does an afternoon spent at a thrift store excite you?

Possibly a cool antique store pulls you in or a dusty quaint book store is your retreat.

You`ve probably seen television shows that feature people finding items at estate sales or yard sales  can be sold for significant amounts of money. 

"Picker" television shows have a large following as we follow along on their adventures exploring old barn finds and dusty attics.

For many people, it is an adventure to seek out and find treasures!

To be a successful bidder,  a few tips can help you achieve your goal of buying ultra-cool finds!

Research = Success!
Do a little research online before you start bidding.

Create a  list of the top collectibles and treasures that are online so that you have an idea as to what antiques and similar items are going for with other sellers. Sometimes, you`ll find rare pieces of art, electronics that are older and worth a good bit of money, and collectibles that people are willing to pay large sums of money for if they`re in good condition.

Bid quickly

Once you know your bid choices, you need to be able to bid first and before other people get ahead of you; however, you need to have a budget in mind as you don`t want to end up spending more than you plan. While many bidders use the tactic of jumping in at the last hour of bidding, this could result in disappointment if the items you are watching have already met or exceeded your top price. Early bird DOES get the worm in many cases!


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